a log of all the silly things i buy! convincing myself that keeping track like this will make me a more conscientious spender haha

05/06 - $15
  • went to the second hand exchange store (different location) with a friend!!
  • this store actually had the types of textbooks i was looking for in the previous entry but i forgot to bring my monopoly money with me so i held off for now
  • take aways
    i used up the last of my real money / regret scale: [pending]
  • godzilla board game

    like.... come on, you know i had to! me and 1st bought a new board game that we've only played a few times just the other month so technically, i shouldn't really have bought this. but this came out on the floor literally the same day and it was half the price.............

  • went to the second hand exchange store with my sister!
  • used in-store credit so technically didn't spend money!!!!
  • take aways
    monopoly money: not real money / regret scale: 0
  • anime tarot deck

    kinda tired of my old deck, thought this one was cute, nothing too deep o7

    the tao of physics

    so originally i went to the second hand exchange store under the premise that i would buy a textbook for myself so i can build up a habit of studying everyday at my own pace while i don't have any classes, but this store didn't have any :( i found this book by change and i was completely taken with its premise! i read the tao te ching for one of my honors classes a few years back, so i might reread it so i can really understand what this book is talking about

    04/26 ~ $35
  • stopped by book off before clocking into work!
  • was working on this page before i took the train over which probably implanted the idea of buying into my head oopsie
  • take aways
    should i have bought these things: probably not / regret scale: 5
  • gintoki figurine

    lowkey felt like i poser buying him b/c i still haven't finished gintama but! i can say i watched it while it was still airing so am i really?? so cute... so scrunkly...


    resonance pt 2 album

    i really only bought this b/c the poster was included! will probably use the album pages for a collage or something ~ literally cheaper than a redbull


    haruhi soundtrack cd

    found her off to the side while i was heading to the register... probably the most impuslive purchase of the day, but i felt like i would have wronged the 12yo nk if i put her down...!


    [not pictured: gundam keychain charm]

    i bought it thinking i would give it to 1st, but knowing me, i'll probably just end up keeping it for myself "for the time being"


    04/25 < $20
  • went to a second-hand exchange store with 1st between classes!
  • convinced 1st to buy me one of the cds hehe
  • almost bought the wonder years, greatest generation but held off b/c it wasn't in a jewel case T__T
  • take aways
    intentionality: high / regret scale: 0
  • a couple of classics for the collection!

    surprised i found both of these so easily

    ($6 each)

    some silly buttons!

    planning on putting these on the messenger bag hehe

    ($1.50 each)

    seventeenth heaven album

    i'm always iffy buying kpop albums at second hand stores because there's a high change they're missing most if not all the inclusions but this one was marked as "pcs included" and i've been eyeing this album for a minute so i figured i could take a chance!


    04/17 ~ $33
  • skipped class and went to the mall w melo,,,!
  • take aways
    mentally justified: yes / regret scale: 1
  • baggu messenger bag!

    ok, i can admit, this one was a little indulgent, especially considering that the semester is ending soon and i'm not doing too hot and i definetely own enough school bags- but listen, i've been wanting a baggu for a while now, but i could never justify the pricepoint for myself,, so seeing this in the urban outfitters clearance felt like the universe bestowing me a gift. ok yeah typing this out makes me realize how silly this buy might have been what's done is done ok!

    (about $33)

    04/15 - $55
  • mikuexpo merch!
  • melo covered for me bc i forgot my debit card (。>﹏<)
  • take aways
    enhanced the experience: highly / regret scale: -10000000
  • shirt!



    ($10 each)