hey howdy hey ! i'm niks, or nk for short. thanks for checking out loserlover <3

this site is my digital diary of sorts - honestly, i kinda just crammed anything and everything i could think of on here so it might be a bit messy and all over the place but! that's just the vibe ok?

any psychoanalysis on me can be sent here, please make sure to include annotations in MLA formatting. additionally, photos of your pets and/or thoughts about your day will also be appreciated :]

update feed

  • added "bookmarked entries" function on diary.html
  • i was working on some pages and then i didn't save them i'm pissed. currently planning a revamp of some kind o/
  • changed scrap.html
  • re did directory.html !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • added scrap.html
  • added feed.html
  • added byes.html
  • everything is plain text until i get motivated to make it not sorry guys if i popped off too hard on this index page do not have high expectations for me LOL
  • added buys.html <3
  • redid diary.html !! has a few entries already
  • new index is up !
  • added directory.html - temp page set up, basically a working todo list/site plan for myself
  • added journal.html
  • took site offline while i overhaul everything behind the scenes u__u
  • added diary.html
  • set up index page
  • started taking log of site changes - hi !
  • first made neocities !!